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Meet Our Team




 Patrick Rhoades MD

Dr. Rhoades is a certified physician attaining his medical degree from Tulane University and has practiced as a Pain Management specialist for over 30 years.


 Priscilla Morris MD, MBA

Dr. Morris attended Tufts University for Medical School, completed her residency training at Harvard Medical School for anesthesiology, and went on to receive a MBA at the University of South Florida.


 Jonna Nunnemaker

She is a very experienced injector and will help you decide what treatment you need! She LOVES aesthetics and is amazing with a laser or needle.


 Sheila Singh

She is new to Dr. 95350 but she is the QUEEN of lasers. She has a lot of experience in the aesthetic field and is happy to help you with your next treatment!







Ariana Alkire


Ariana has played a major role in the conception of Dr. 95350. She is a certified Aesthetic Consultant and enjoys helping patients and the business thrive.

Maria Chavez-Araujo


Maria is a California Certified Medical Assistant and she is one of the best! She always anticipates what our providers need before they ask and she is happy to help in any way!

Joann Padilla


Joann has over 10 years of medical assistant experience! She is a double threat and is also a Certified Aesthetic Consultant. Not only is she quick to anticipate our providers needs but she would love to help you create a treatment plan!

Yecenia Ruiz


Yecenia is a medical assistant but also our head front office staff! She is great with all of our clients and makes sure our appointments run smoothly! If there is an issue please feel free to let her know and she will take care of it.

Natalie Luna


Natalie loves to be of service. She is a certified and talented MA and gives the most gentle injections and blood draws.

Nubia Sanchez


She is our skincare expert! She is here to help you get on track with your skin care regimen and she gives an amazing facial!


Teresita Lua


A certified MA with a kind demeanor. She will definitely make you feel at ease during your treatment while helping our providers do their thing.

Emily Adams


If you have any questions or concerns this girl will figure out the answer. She is here to make your experience amazing.



She is beautiful, knowledgeable, and is happy to be at your service. She will guide you through your treatment every step of the way!

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